Family Counseling Center LLC

Family Counseling Center is a provider of mental health services including individual therapy, marriage and family counseling, and professional coaching. Located in Auburn, IN, Family Counseling Center has been serving the community's mental healthcare needs for several decades.

Testing & Assessments


Psychological Assessments

A psychological evaluation can be useful for determining a person's strengths and weaknesses, personality style, coping and defense mechanisms, and for identifying general trends in mental health functioning. Such evaluations are often useful in counseling and coaching situations to foster self-awareness, and may aid in diagnosis and treatment planning as part of collaborative care.

Custody Evaluations

A PACE certified custody evaluator has a full understanding of the effects of divorce on children of different ages, both in the short and long term, and has advanced skills in the assessment of child and adolescent personality, mental illness, family dynamics, and parenting skills. A comprehensive custody evaluation includes a detailed life history, psychological testing, a thorough document review, observations of the children with their parents, as well as individual clinical interviews with all family members, when applicable. The evaluator’s primary obligation when engaged in evaluating for custody is to make a recommendation that will serve the best interests of the children.


Forensic Evaluations

Forensic evaluations are commonly used in legal and court-related situations, sexual abuse cases, police screenings and fitness for duty, determining parenting competence, hiring and leadership development, and other targeted applications. They are focused assessments used to identify aspects of personality functioning and mental status relevant to each case. Though recommendations may be made as part of the evaluator's findings, the objective of a forensic evaluation is to provide insight into individual strengths and weaknesses for legal, medical, cultural, religious, or occupational purposes.