Family Counseling Center LLC

Family Counseling Center is a provider of mental health services including individual therapy, marriage and family counseling, and professional coaching. Located in Auburn, IN, Family Counseling Center has been serving the community's mental healthcare needs for several decades.

Addiction Treatment Services

Treating addiction is a commitment. Licensed clinical addictions specialists offer a multi-faceted treatment plan and support services to help with the ongoing journey of sobriety. Our alcohol and substance abuse treatment program is certified by the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration's Division of Mental Health and Addiction.


Education, Therapy, and Relapse Prevention

Treatment for addictions is customized to meet individual needs and emphasizes teaching new and appropriate coping strategies for managing and alleviating dependencies by providing education and support.

Addiction treatment incorporates education on how addictions are processed by the brain, the development of new coping skills, understanding problematic defense mechanisms, and dealing with the destructive impact addiction has on relationships. Addiction treatment counselors provide regularly scheduled therapy sessions to interrupt the processes related to addiction, including developmental issues, biological and enviromental influences, perceptions of self and others, and destructive relationship patterns.

Relapse prevention is geared toward clients who have attained abstinence, but have not necessarily established the skills to remain drug- or alcohol-free. It focuses on stabilizing lifestyle through changes in behavior, problem solving and skill building, the development of social support networks, awareness of destructive thought processes, identifying triggers, and avoiding high risk situations.