Evaluations & Mediation

Family Counseling Center offers a wide array of psychological evaluations. Detailed evaluations provide valuable insight into an individual’s emotional, psychological, and personality functioning. Mediation services facilitate conflict resolution for couples and families.

Basic Psychological Evaluations

Basic psychological evaluations are useful for determining general psychological functioning when applied to diagnosis and treatment planning, fitness for work or duty, readiness for elective or bariatric surgery, collaborative care coordination, marriage nullity, and vocational rehabilitation.

Custody Evaluations

Family Counseling Center provides detailed custody evaluations using the most current, evidence-based assessment tools and evaluation models. Our psychologists understand the difficult circumstances that typically surround custody issues and are dedicated to providing accurate, in-depth, professional reports to our clients and the courts in order to serve the in the best interest of the children.  All evaluators at Family Counseling Center are certified by the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators.

Extended & Forensic Psychological Evaluations

In addition to basic psychological and custody evaluations,  Family Counseling Center also provides extended evaluations designed to address a variety of specific referral questions from medical doctors, schools, attorneys, judges, and other professionals.  Forensic psychological evaluations to aid in legal defense, court-related concerns, cases of sexual abuse, parenting awareness and other specific domains are conducted by referral and are custom-designed to assess aspects of personality functioning and mental status relevant to each case.  Though treatment recommendations may be made as part of the therapist’s findings, the purpose of the extended or forensic evaluation is to provide insight into individual strengths and weaknesses for legal, medical, or juridical purposes.

Comprehensive assessments for drug, alcohol, and substance abuse are available by referral or court order. The most well-researched, normed and standardized assessment tools are utilized and results are compiled into a concise, informative, and objective report.

Divorce & Parenting Mediations

Divorce mediation is a process in which a divorcing couple communicates about their conflict with the help of a trained mediator, toward the goal of reaching an out-of-court settlement. Some divorcing couples may be able to work out all issues dividing them without help; however, it is usually the case that people going through conflict will need assistance reaching an agreement that most effectively meets their needs and those of their children. Research indicates that when the divorcing couple is involved in crafting their own agreements, the long-term compliance rates are much higher than when a court imposes terms on them.

Our providers administer mediation services that are fair and objective while being sensitive to the individual needs of our clients. Our mediators hold national certification as parenting mediators by the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators.