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Therapeutic Services

Family Counseling Center is dedicated to client-based services that encourage well-being and the development of strategies for personal growth. Our caring, professional staff is committed to providing the best counseling and therapeutic experience possible.

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Addiction Treatment Services

Family Counseling Center provides multi-leveled addiction treatment services that are designed to educate our clients on the causes of substance abuse, address the triggers for dependency, and create long-term plans to maintain abstinence.

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Child & Adolescent Services

Family Counseling Center offers comprehensive services specializing in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents. Our trained, educated staff can provide assistance in a multitude of areas of childhood development.

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Motivational Interviewing

Family Counseling Center provides motivational interviewing techniques that help clients overcome roadblocks to change. Our trained, educated staff can assist clients to explore and resolve ambivalence and support the client's self-efficacy.

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Psychological Evaluations

Family Counseling Center offers a wide array of psychological evaluations including custody evaulations. Detailed evaluations provide valuable insight into an individual’s emotional, psychological, and personality functioning.

Monday–Friday; 9am–6pm